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Clientes privados / 09.05.2012

Convenient home network monitoring directly at the dLAN® adapter: devolo presents dLAN® 500 AVsmart+ with Smart Screen

devolo makes the dLAN® home network even more convenient with its new dLAN® 500 AVsmart+Powerline adapter. All important information about the network can be called up directly on the adapter via the integrated 1.7 inch status display. An integrated power outlet makes it possible to directly connect terminal devices and multiple outlet strips. In addition, with the patented Dynamic PowerSave technology, the adapter is particularly energy-efficient.

devolo makes it easy - with the dLAN® home network via household power lines, the computer and the consumer electronics are connected to each other and to the Internet in no time. Now, the dLAN®, already as easy as child‘s play to set up, is even more convenient. The dLAN® 500 AVsmart+ is the first Powerline adapter of the dLAN® 500 generation to have the Smart Screen, a display directly on the adapter that clearly displays all important information about the device and the home network.

Integrated Smart Screen status display directly on the adapter

With the free-of-charge dLAN® Cockpit network software, devolo is the only Powerline manufacturer to provide easy-to-operate status software for the home network via the power line. But many users would like to view all relevant information without using the computer at all. Through the integrated Smart Screen, the network status can be read conveniently directly on the adapter. The clearly arranged display shows the connection quality to the other Powerline adapters in the network alongside the three operating status icons. In addition, you can see whether the dLAN® adapters displayed are a standard variant, a model with additional wireless LAN functionality, or a TV Sat adapter. This means the number of active adapters in the home network and the efficiency of the Powerline technology within the home are immediately identifiable."The integration of the dLAN® Smart Screen is simply a logical step," remarks Heiko Harbers, CEO of devolo AG. "Because no computer is necessary for setting up the dLAN® home network, users should not need one for monitoring the network either. Moreover, dLAN® meanwhile is now used very frequently for networking digital consumer electronics in situations where PC monitoring is not possible."

Quick & secure connection - with dLAN® without complicated configuration

With the dLAN® 500 devolo has consistently stuck to its "Plug and Go" philosophy. No complicated configuration is necessary when setting up a dLAN® 500 AVsmart+ adapter. The adapters only have to be plugged into a power outlet and connected to a network-compatible device or a DSL router using the provided Ethernet cable. A quick, stable and secure connection with up to 500 Mbps is established with one push of the encryption button. Like the dLAN® 500 AVplus, the dLAN® 500 AVsmart+ also has an integrated electrical socket - so all the power outlets in a room remain usable. In addition, the built-in mains filter optimises data transmission in the dLAN®.

Automatic energy savings with patented Dynamic PowerSave technology

The dLAN® 500 AVsmart+ has a particularly energy-saving design. Thanks to Dynamic PowerSave, the Powerline adapter switches automatically into the patented Deep-Sleep Mode if it is not needed - and then only requires 0.5 watts. If network-compatible devices connected to the adapter are turned on or are accessed through the network, the adapter activates itself automatically. This makes intelligent energy savings very simple.

The dLAN® 500 AVsmart+ is available in stores starting in May 2012. devolo offers the adapter individually as well as part of a starter kit consisting of two adapters. The recommended retail price for the dLAN® 500 AVsmart+ is 79.90 euros; the starter kit is available for 149.90 euros.