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La empresa / 15.07.2010

Powerline innovations for the future of the power industry: devolo participates in EU‘s Smart Grid project


devolo is investing in the future of the power industry: the Aachen, Germany-based stock corporation, the global market leader in powerline-based network solutions, is demonstrating its intent to push the development of innovative Smart Grid solutions for better use of energy resources with its participation in the European DLC-VIT4IP project. Smart Grid ensures the stable operation of a decentralised mains supply fed by an increasing number of small providers using solar or wind power technology. Moreover, both commercial and residential customers benefit from Smart Grid, as they can retrieve information about their current consumption in real time from the Internet. As part of the project, devolo‘s team of specialists is developing a new kind of access powerline communication that establishes a powerline-based communication connection between the transformer station and meter in the household.

devolo, the technological leader in the powerline market, is making an active commitment to better use of energy resources and is pushing the development of innovative Smart Grid solutions. To this end, the company is participating in the European DLC-VIT4IP project. The campaign, which is supported by the EU as part of Europe‘s Seventh Framework Programme for research, combines the skills, knowledge and experience of twelve international technology companies and universities. Participants in the project include energy company Vattenfall Europe and the renowned Dresden University of Technology. The objective is to jointly develop future-oriented solutions that enable efficient use of energy networks while simultaneously helping to save energy.

Smart Grid – the future of energy networks

Smart Grid has been devised for a decentralised energy infrastructure and enables efficient management of the continuously increasing number of small suppliers, such as owners of solar or wind power plants, who feed into the mains supply in addition to conventional power plants. In addition, Smart Grid ensures uniform utilisation of the networks and avoids peaks. However, both residential and business customers of the energy providers benefit from the forward-looking technology. The direct connection of their meter to the provider enables them to record their consumption in real time and save energy resources with informative statistics.

Powerline technology as the ideal connection

As a powerline innovator and participant in the European DLC-VIT4IP project, devolo is developing an access powerline communication solution that creates a cost-effective and, most importantly, easy-to-install connection between the transformer station and meter in the household. This is essential for the implementation of Smart Grid. devolo‘s expertise in developing innovative powerline solutions is ideal here, as the existing line infrastructure is used for implementing the smart grid project, making complicated new wiring unnecessary. This offers energy providers an efficient and cost-effective product which, most importantly, can be retrofitted easily.

"By participating in the European DLC-VIT4IP project, we are expanding our sustainability strategy," devolo CEO Heiko Harbers explains. "devolo stands for sustainably manufactured products to conserve resources. Smart Grid stands for efficient, forward-looking use of energy – we are pleased to make a contribution to this effort and to be able to offer energy providers an innovative, cost-effective solution."