Perfect in-home networking and ‘Freedom’

To meet the expectations of customers, carriers need a solution that addresses their demands. Ideally, this is a solution offers two things:


First, the freedom to move around while seamlessly roaming through the home using the services delivered by high-speed access. Secondly, a straightforward way to let the customer manage his home network in the easiest and most convenient way possible.

  • The home network – a bottle neck
  • Overcoming the bottleneck by providing Freedom

The home network – a bottle neck

Customers may not always be aware of it, but their home network often is a bottle neck. The reasons for that are obvious.


Usually, customers want strong highspeed Internet access. But what’s the use, if customers cannot experience the power of that highspeed connection when streaming UHD content, when moving around the house with their tablet or when gaming? That’s what happens when users connect more and more devices to their home network, subscribe to new OTT services and roam around – while at the same time they haven’t installed a home network that can provide high-speed connections throughout the entire home to keep up with these bandwidth-consuming trends.


What’s worse: Customers get frustrated about weak performance and increasing complexity to manage their home network. And they blame their carrier for it, affecting its Net Promoter Score and churn rate. Instead of just focusing on promoting highspeed access, carriers therefore must actively offer stronger high-performance home networking solutions as well.

Overcoming the bottleneck by providing Freedom

devolo offers a whole portfolio especially designed for Operators, Carriers and ISPs. These products  realize what we call the ‘perfect in-home network’ experience by providing

  • Best WiFi bandwidth
  • 100% coverage
  • Inhome mobility

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